Unique product quality and range of services.

Welcome to the advantages of Steelmakers.

Steelmakers has a history of providing clients with true end-to-end solutions that deliver steel building materials and services that make a positive contribution to every building project.

From innovative designs and quality steel fabrication to roof truss and steel wall manufacture to punctual delivery to professional installation, all in one smooth, well-managed journey.

Steelmakers is the solution that combines precision steel engineering with warm and dependable client service. 

For more than 20 years, Steelmakers has been leading the way in steel fabrication steel roof trusses, steel wall frames and steel building supplies. And with the complete set of services to back up the quality steel products, more and more clients are discovering the advantages of Steelmakers.

  • End-to-end solutions
  • Hands on project management to ensure efficiencies
  • Waste control, OHS
  • Versatile CAD designs to your exact requirements
  • Computer assisted manufacture for accuracy/minimum waste
  • Safe delivery to your site
  • Professional installation 
  • No warping, rotting or twisting 
  • No additional ongoing costly treatments required
  • Brick and stud wall compatible
  • Steel roof frames designed for lofts, recessed or vaulted ceilings
  • Light weight
  • Fire resistant
  • Less wastage, less clean up
  • Extensive quality control/management procedures throughout whole project
  • Peace of mind of adding Steelmakers expertise to your structural steel products.

Don’t just get the advantages of steel roofing materials and steel wall frames for your building project. Get the unique, end-to-end advantages of Steelmakers.

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